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Virginia Symphony, October 31, 2009, Halloween night

Philippe Quint, violin soloist

Philippe Quint, violin soloist

Halloween night at Chrysler Hall with the Virginia Symphony.

Excellent performance.

Soloist, Philippe Quint had everyone smiling because he was.  You think you’ve heard it all/won’t hear any thing different  when it comes to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.   Well, Quint provided a pleasant unfolding of the piece.  The Smiles, the exuberant performance, the engaging of the orchestra (catching the eyes of the other musicians) by Quint provided a soloist performance the audience thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.  The Four Seasons never sounded so good!  Bravo!!!

Philippe Quint, violin soloist receiving his applause

Philippe Quint, violin soloist receiving his applause for an excellent performance

The balance of the program  also provided an enjoyable experience.

Don Juan, Opus 20 by Strauss.  Tone poem.  This piece provided the horn section and principal oboe an opportunity to show their chops.  They did.

Suite from L’oiseau de feu 1919 Version by Stravinsky.   ~Otherwise known as Firebird.  Very Russian in orchestration.  Full orchestra.  Beautiful sound.

The Associate Conductor, Matthew Kraemer, conducted for the evening’s performance.