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Craig Ferguson makes me lose sleep

Craig Ferguson, Nov. 20, 2009

Craig Ferguson, late late night show, Nov. 20, 09

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands, pix 2

Jazz Hands, pix 2

Craig Ferguson.  Funniest guy on TV.  Makes me lose sleep.

So. Yes, blogging about the show…..

Nodding Inspector. (I Would have been arrested after 1st guest, as I fell asleep on couch – HATE it when I do that! ..X*!@..)   —- Missed half the show—- has something to do with getting up at 5:30am the previous four mornings….

Whiplash speculation.

OMG!!! Oprah’s announced [retirement?] ‘Withdrawal From Daytime Airwaves’!!!! –WFDA!!!  omg!! (not really)

First Guest: Neil Patrick Harris.  Second Guest: ????  Can’t find the guest line up on CBS’s website …  {not spending too much time on trying to find that piece of info….. just saying…}



Puppet Contest


Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson                           CBS television

The puppet popularity contest continues.    Dateline: July 23, 2009

Puppet Popularity Contest as of July 23, 2009

Puppet Popularity Contest as of July 23, 2009Close up - what the hell is that puppet 3rd from right????

Craig talking about puppet contest

Craig talking about puppet contest

Putting hat on Clam puppet

Putting hat on Clam puppet

Clam puppet with hat

Clam puppet with hat

Clam puppet added to contest
Puppet Contest:
15136     Pig puppet
  7236     Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
   2250     Penguin
      986      ??????
       989     Shark  -beating out whatever the hell is in 4th slot
          20     Alligator
     Off the chart  Clam puppet  (happy as???????  /bad joke)                
Craig scintillates as Puppet Master……

Craig Ferguson is the funniest guy on late TV

If you’re up in the late hours, or can think to turn on the recorder, gotta watch Craig Ferguson !!!!!

Invisible friend… Puppets… Facial expressions …. Characters ….                                            The Accent …..

Tonight (July 7, 2009) Craig gave a moving tribute to Michael Jackson… must see when it comes on Youtube …   >you might find it on the CBS website<

Usually has two guests…. Most are pretty good…. Larry David was on recently -promoting his movie ‘Whatever Works’ – I thought Larry David bombed


Where have you been Nancy???? Well, I DON’T know )))) Ferguson has been on LLS since 2005… i thought he got there SIX months ago++++ Funniest guy on television – making me lose sleep.


Doesn’t get any respect from CBS – a quick perusal of their website – – – NO Craig on the front page _ have to go to a ‘drop down menu’ to find info                                                          (- impressive  ~ uh, the accomplishments, not the way you have to look all over the place to find CF )


Good Day in America

Great Day in America