Vermeer Quest

I have this quest to have my picture taken in front of all the known Vermeer paintings in the world.

On the surface I was attracted to Vermeer when I noticed ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’. She is as captivating as Mona, not as famous tho.
I then (not too sure about the order of events) looked at more images by Vermeer, read some biographical info, read some more about the images, read some art history analysis. [this is an aside – as it turns out, artists were (so many opportunities/methods to communicate now) the ‘communicators of/to the culture’.] Reading art history, particularly Vermeer’s time frame, reveals much in the message the artist conveys with the articles/props/arrangement used in the painting composition. [I do not have the fine points nailed down. I have to consult my reference books.]
There are other artists I really like: Caravaggio, Dali, Sargent. I love art museums. I love the atmosphere, the galleries, the displays and the architecture of the museums. Additionally, I love the concept the museums represent: archives of human history. Art inspires on many levels.
Also, they generally have good restaurants and a souvenir shop with interesting items.
It just came to me a few years ago that I wanted to have my picture taken in front of all the known Vermeer. You’ve heard of the ‘life-time to do lists’? Well, while contemplating mine, I came up with my ‘Vermeer Quest’ -to have my picture taken in front of all the known Vermeer paintings. As he died young, his known body of work is only 35 paintings. This is do-able, was my thought.
Where I have been:
4 in the National Gallery in DC – I want to retake those photos.
4 in the Metropolitan in NYC – those I do need to retake as I am not in the photos.
It was between the NY and DC visits I came up with the plan for the photos.
2 in Paris at the Louvre.
2 in Berlin at the Gemaldegalerie
2 in Dresden
1 in Vienna
Where I need to go:
back to NYC
4 at Met
3 at Frick
5 in England
1 in Ireland
4 in Amsterdam
3 in The Hague/Mauritshuis
1 in Brunswick
1 in Frankfurt
1 in Scotland
The final one.  ‘The Concert’ is a problem as it was stolen from the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. I have not decided how to/what to do about it. One thought is: Get a copy, take a picture, go on a rant about art theft ……..
{Pictures to be added later}

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