Craig Ferguson makes me lose sleep

Craig Ferguson, Nov. 20, 2009

Craig Ferguson, late late night show, Nov. 20, 09

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands, pix 2

Jazz Hands, pix 2

Craig Ferguson.  Funniest guy on TV.  Makes me lose sleep.

So. Yes, blogging about the show…..

Nodding Inspector. (I Would have been arrested after 1st guest, as I fell asleep on couch – HATE it when I do that! ..X*!@..)   —- Missed half the show—- has something to do with getting up at 5:30am the previous four mornings….

Whiplash speculation.

OMG!!! Oprah’s announced [retirement?] ‘Withdrawal From Daytime Airwaves’!!!! –WFDA!!!  omg!! (not really)

First Guest: Neil Patrick Harris.  Second Guest: ????  Can’t find the guest line up on CBS’s website …  {not spending too much time on trying to find that piece of info….. just saying…}



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