Republicans will win the Governors Office in Virginia in 2009

Not because I want the Republican party/ McDonnell to win.  Unfortunately, it is because McDonnell ran a better campaign.

The Democratic Party could have won if they had run a better campaign.

The following comments, for the most part, are from an email I sent to in response to their program today (Friday, October 30, 2009).


Two observations on the subject of the Diane Rehm Show on NPR today, October 30, 2009


Too much will be made of the Republican win in Virginia.  It is more about marketing than substance.
First off, even though Deeds won the summer Democrat run-off, the better over all candidate (Moran) did not win in that contest.
Additionally, the Democrat (Deeds) got a poor start in his public campaign after that summer election.  McDonnell, the Republican, got an early start with his advertising in the early summer.
The Republican has a MUCH better marketing campaign strategy/staff.  They (McDonnell’s campaign) are making much use of his large family, framing him as ‘folksy’ figure who most people can relate to.  His commercials are well composed.  McDonnell’s staff has made good use of attack politics and Deeds/Democrats  do not respond to those attacks.  They (Deeds’ campaign) finally got around to airing simultaneous (as in back to back/Rep then Dem.) commercials at summers end -but not in sufficient quantity/quality.  Deeds’ campaign merely attacks in return (NO creativity [but NOT -I mean- in the ‘making up stuff’ sense]) -additionally, NO calling out of the Republican statements/misstatements.
Deeds has a ‘funny’ first name.  I believe that is a handicap to most Virginia voters.  Yes, the current USA President has a ‘funny’ name, too; however, he can pull it off.

Deeds has a TERRIBLE campaign marketing strategy (staff?).  Deeds campaign uses/used, for the most part, a single issue (McDonnell’s masters thesis) to base its attacks on McDonnell’s past record.  That strategy is not working.  The Democrat commercials to present his (Deeds) ideas were poor and few.
McDonnell had the airwaves to himself in the summer.  EVERYBODY running for political office advertises in October.  The airwaves are then (now) crowded and confusing.
Deeds has not been presented as a ‘likable’ character (their attempts have been poor) – that has been a MAJOR mistake, in my opinion.
So, do not (You, the Media) make too much of the Republican win in Virginia. —-But we know that’s not going to happen.
I will vote for Deeds; however, I think he has no chance against the better run marketing campaign of McDonnell.
The Government.  Flogging the ‘Government’ as too big, too corrupt, etc., remains the favorite topic of fear mongers.  The Government provides stability to this country.  I have a sister and a number of friends who have ‘government’ jobs.  They are productive, honest workers who strive to do their duties as required and some, over and above that.
Lumping the government workers into the ‘Big Government’ category is not helping attitudes of the assets of our country.  How is ‘Big Government’ defined?  Is it Civil Service workers, Congress, the President, the Courts, and policies and procedures all lumped together as the ‘Big Government’ problem?  Policies and procedures should be critiqued/changed as necessary for the good of everyone not just to the benefit of single issues/industries.  Investigations/prosecution of individuals who take advantage of their positions and the possibility of prosecution for misdeeds must always be ‘out there’ as a tempering brake.  Indiscretions of a few must not be applied to all.  The system is not perfect.  However, we (the people) continue to strive for a ‘more perfect union’. (and make changes to get there)
The government provides stability:  just look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc., countries with NO reliable systems in place.  Think about the ‘wild west’ period of the USA.  There is a fragile line of civilization in society, no matter where.  My little corner of Virginia in 2003, when Hurricane Isabelle blew through, provides an example.  The hurricane knocked out electricity and the means of communication for days.  Some elements of the local society took advantage of the situation.  A few roving bands of thieves broke into abandoned/non-occupied homes and businesses.  The thieves knew they had a window of opportunity and they took advantage of it.  THIS BEHAVIOR IS THE SAME EVERYWHERE ON THIS PLANET WHERE THERE ARE HUMANS.  When there are organizing systems in place and honest, earnest people (I did not say zealot) in charge of the ‘Government’, this behavior is held in check.
If it was not for ‘Government’ we would ALL be in the stone age or overrun by “Bernie Madoff’s”.
Please refine your critiques.
Broad brushing muddies the conversation and progress to societal improvements.
My two cents.

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