Bob Dylan vs New Jersey cops

I am running this post as a companion to my post on the Boston incident regarding Dr. Henry Gates and the Boston police.
    I still think that it is REALLY important how you talk to the police.  It can be the difference between a warning and a ticket; OR, worse, an arrest with a trip to the police station.

The incident:

Scruffy looking white guy wandering around a minority neighborhood…     …THAT comes under profiling…  which helps police make decisions. 

Suspect has one of the most recognizable names and face on the planet; admittedly, the face IS getting older…     

Still, the officers did not know him from John Brown.  The difference here, is, Dylan was cool about it.  No name calling, no confrontation, no “DON’T you know who I AM”?!?!? 

Attitude makes the difference.  

  I go back to the Southfield, Michigan Police Chief’s comments, from my previous blog post:  “keep your focus on the incident.  What happened?  How was it handled?  What are the lessons learned?  Will there be a need for further training?”

NPR\’s take on the Bob Dylan incident

……And, Don’t you know, …..there will be a song out of this from Mr. Dylan.


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