Big Bad Spider

Big Spider
Big Spider

I have been watching this spider since the middle of July. It lives above a bush at the front of my house. It’s Getting BIGGER !!!

< THAT (on left) was going on when I came home the other night. “Whoa, what is in that webcapture!” (gives whole new meaning to the internet term), I asked myself…..

Upon closer examination, I found a deceased Praying Mantis. The length of the Mantis measured about 3 inches (7.6 cm). The dead bug was bigger than the alive bug. That yellow spider is a ‘bad mamajama”.

Spider and dinner
Spider and dinner

Closer view of the spider and his/her meal.

The coloration of the spider is striking. The yellow and black are ‘alarm’ colors in nature. It appears to have some orange-ish color to its legs.


One response to “Big Bad Spider

  1. Gross, mom, you always find a way to get me to look at huge pictures of bugs. “Look at my blog!” …and freak out!

    Sigh… Nice blog, though! You’re doing a good job. 😉

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