Montreal – July 2008

Am in Montreal for a visit, 7/12 until 7/22. Flight was good but too short on the layover (35 min) for flight transfer, bags missed the connection (we had to run thru the airport). Were delivered to the hotel at 2 am – happy to get them. If the layover is less than forty-five minutes, generally the bags do not make it (and you’re pushing it at one hour). Additionally, Philadelphia airport is unforgiving when you are transferring to international flights (changing terminals by shuttle bus). Also, if you’re in a rush there is no time to look in the interesting shops.

Rained all day Sunday. Went on 3 hour city tour today. (I like to get acclimated to the new city – helps to determine what will be interesting to view up close) After the tour went walking around near my hotel. LOTS of people outdoors walking about, particularly the old town section! Many horse drawn carriages. -Think I will take a ride before I leave town.- There was an ‘open air ‘ street with performers, caricature artists and sidewalk cafes. I love the sidewalk cafe. As I have not downloaded my video cam (will do that after this) I took loads of pictures [love my 2gb card – have had 6800 pixs, with more room!] of ‘Nicholas and Hugo’ the street gymnast performers. I will make them into a video w/movie maker (been meaning to figure out how to do that) and post here. They were really good and the crowd made lots of $$$ contribution at the end of their show.

So, I am now sitting in the hotel bar working on my post. I cannot believe how long it has been since the last time I worked on the blog/besides fixing the post/page. Time flies whether I’m having fun or not.

I am trying to add pictures to this post. They are ending up in the middle of the text. What to do???


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