former page, now post: WHRO Hunter B. Andrews dinner June 4, 2008

Had a great time last night. Talked to some really nice people. Food was good. The dessert was REALLY good – chocolate creme brulee (forgot to take the pix) – very dense texture, full chocolate taste, topped off with fresh berries [blackberry, blueberry] and a spot of whipped creme. It lacked the signature caramelized sugar topping – my only criticism – /I missed the fun of cracking the shell/ but, what the (heck, hay/hey or hell) I don’t need the extra sugar anyway.

WHRO has this dinner every year (for contributors) and invites someone(s) from NPR or Public Broadcasting to give a talk. Last year the new CEO of PBS (Paula Kerger) was the speaker. This year some of the crew of the ‘Wait, Wait… don’t tell me’ NPR radio program were the speakers, Carl Kasell, Peter Sagal & Tom Bodett. Carl Kasell was at my table (didn’t get to talk to him), Peter Sagal (was late – airline issues – only missed the cocktail/social hour) sat a table away and Tom Bodett was across the room. However, I did get to meet Tom at the c/sh. Very charming. He has that great radio voice of those that make it over the airwaves. He’s the voice in the Motel 6 commercials who hit the homerun with the phrase “and we’ll leave the light on for you”.

Tom said that was an adlib. Well, adlibbing (is that two b’s or one?) has definately paid off for him. During the talk, they disclosed the show is mostly on the fly. They have an outline. They go for it. On my local station, WHRO, the show airs Saturday morning at 11 o’clock. They are WAY clever. They mesh their program into current events, stupid criminal acts, social commentary and a guest panelist.

I will eventually not refer to my ‘can’t believe I’ve started my blog’ thread. Here we go. Task for the day: check on add picture skills and add links to page. LINKS: (not sure where they will end up in the published blog) this next link is totally not related; but, I found the link on Peter Sagal’s blog and she’s interesting

Carl Kasell, dinner speakerPeter Sagal and Carl KasellDinner speakers, Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell


2 responses to “former page, now post: WHRO Hunter B. Andrews dinner June 4, 2008

  1. Glad you had a fun time.

    Bert Schmidt
    President and CEO

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