Learning to blog

Ok…  so I have just spent the last couple of hours working on what I thought was a post… it turns out that I need to pay attention to the difference between write a post / write a page…

I did not intend to make last night’s fun into a complete page category !!!!

NOW can I reverse the damage????  /change the page to post???

I’ve got things to do TODAY – not spend all my hours in front of the computer – this learning curve is really steep!!!

thinking  out loud here… [as if this whole thing was NOT thinking out loud] I wonder if I can switch page to post….  requires some technical reading time…. maybe I can cut and paste???  Later— got things to do NOW.


One response to “Learning to blog

  1. Fantastic speech tonight 🙂 Yes, just copy/paste into a new post. Wham bam all done! 🙂

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