Flat tire

Arggg! Flat tire on Thursday…. Doesn’t it usually happen when you’re on your way somewhere????

Nathan, knight in shining fluorescent vest, from AAA (Triple A) came to the rescue… A girl’s gotta have someone she can call on!!!

I then drove to Kramer Tire. Rode down the road for about 10 minutes flashing that flaming red rim spare…

As it turns out, had to replace the dead tire, which WAS dead. As the other front tire was about the same age, I replaced that one too. (Avoid a repeat performance???) I can’t believe how much better the car drives!!!! I thought I was going to have to replace the shocks… a shock.. a happy one!

Did you know the Boxster has bigger tires in the back than front???? I just found out!

Back to the ‘I can’t believe I have actually started my blog’ thread…. Adding pictures, yay (again) Now I’ll learn the difference between title, caption and description. Some of my ‘flat tire’ pictures have something written underneath and others don’t… that’s where the difference between the aforementioned categories comes in…. I AM making progress (I am pretty much talking to myself because I do not expect that anyone is looking/reading) As I get better at this, the early posts will be archived. Nobody goes back to first posts/or do they??


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